We are a collective of creative entrepreneurs who aim to improve our industry through education, community, and solidarity.


Education equals value.

We support our members with a cache of digital resources and organize in-person programming, meet-ups, and workshops to develop our skills and grow our hive mind.


Connections matter.

As more workers go remote, the need for community beyond traditional workplaces is growing. We're filling that gap by providing digital and physical spaces to come together and learn, connect, provide feedback, or just break up the day with gifs.


Strength in the swarm.

Creative professions are often characterized by competition – competition for clients, for awards, and prestige, for profit. We're building solidarity and trust to promote collaboration over competition.

What are we doing now?

The Hive is continuing to provide knowledge for our community through our online network by promoting other creative events and collaborating with those who align with our mission in our FREE online Slack work space! If you are a creative entrepreneur looking to connect with others like you, make sure to give us a buzz or check out one of our events we’re hosting!

The Hive Collective retail & co-working space from August 2018, pop-up shop.

The Hive Collective retail & co-working space from August 2018, pop-up shop.


Upcoming Events

Want to do something for your fellow creative? Get on our calendar!